We have a host of Harvey’s on offer plus a few other bits to keep things interesting.

Year round we have Sussex Best (Cask), Dark Mild (Cask), IPA (Cask), Armada (Cask), Gold Bier (Keg), Black Stout (Keg) and Wharf IPA (Keg). Throughout the winter months we have Harvey’s Old Ale (Cask) and seasonal ales on throughout the rest of the year.

We have two lagers, two ciders and sometimes a guest ale from another brewer. This is all complemented by an extensive bottle range, many of which you wouldn’t normally find outside Sussex.

TAKE- AWAY! Take Harvey’s bottles or draught beer home with you, contact us and we can stock up from the brewery, merchandise available too. Have a look through Harvey’s online shop to see what we can get!


SUSSEX BEST (4%) £4.60

A superbly balanced bitter with prominent hop character.
Using a blend of four local hops, water filtered through the Sussex Downs over 30 years, and Harvey’s unique 60 year old yeast strain, Harvey’s Best Bitter is the embodiment of Sussex.

OLD ALE (4.3%) £4.60

Soft and full-bodied, with hints of dried fruits and dates. Rich, dark and warming. To be enjoyed in the autumn and winter months by a roaring fire

WHARF IPA (4.8%) £4.60

Modern heavily hopped IPA.
Zesty and fragrant, this golden beer contains the very essence of our local hop gardens.

CAMDEN HELLS (4.6%) £5.60

A beer somewhere between Helles and Pilsner. Clean, crisp and dry

CAMDEN PALE (4%) £5.60

An authentic Porter Stout with undertones of coffee and chocolate.

GOLD BIER (4%) £5.00

The golden colour is derived from a premium malted barley originally grown for continental lagers. A thirst quenching and refreshing brew.


A refreshing medium-dry sparkling cider that is bursting with the delicious flavour of crisp cider apples.

Bottle £3.50

TOM PAINE ( 275ml | 5.5% )

A dry hopped, robust pale ale with a full, malty palate. Strong and well balanced, with hints of impending revolution…

PRINCE OF DENMARK ( 275ml | 7.5% )

Multi Award-Winning strong, dark beer. Complex with noted of chocolate, leather & liquorice.

BLOOMSBURY BROWN ( 275ml | 2.8% )

Traditional Brown Ale, sweet and dark with a nutty finish.

IPA ( 275ml | 3.5% )

Fragrant hops for a delicate table beer.

OLD ALE ( 275ml | 4.3% )

Soft & full bodied with hints of dried fruit & dates.

Bottle £5.00

OLD ALE ( 500ml | 4.3% )

Soft & full bodied with hints of dried fruit & dates.

STAR OF EASTBOURNE ( 500ml | 5.5% )

A classic East India Pale Ale using Admiral Hops. Expect subtle hints of marmalade.

ALBION ALE ( 500ml | 3.6% )

Brewed in collaboration With Brighton & Hove Football Club. Great!

WILD HOP ( 500ml | 3.7% )

A sharp edge of citrus cuts through earthy background flavours.

GEORGIAN DRAGON ( 500ml | 4.7% )

Intensely hoppy ruby ale, with notes of fruit cake.

NUPTIAL ALE ( 275ml | 6.0% )

Marriage of Sussex barley, hops, honey & spring water. A subtly sweet honey beer.

SWEET SUSSEX ( 275ml | 2.8% )

Lush sweet stout, burnt sugar flavours.

ELIZABETHAN ALE ( 275ml | 7.5% )

A full, malty barley wine, rich with a lingering bitterness and warming spirit content.

KISS ( 500ml | 4.8% )

Light in colour & texture, floral with gentle nips of ginger.

PORTER (500ml | 4.8% )

A complex, dark and full-bodied beer with prominent roasted malts, reminiscent of date sugars.

BONFIRE BOY ( 500ml | 4.8% )

A strong amber ale with a superbly smoky flavour.

SOUTHDOWN HARVEST ( 500ml | 5.0% )

Soft sweet malts offset by fresh green hops.

KNOTS OF MAY ( 500ml | 4.8% )

A refreshing mild with light herbaceous and nutty nuances.

CHRISTMAS ALE ( 275ml | 7.5% )

Rich & fruity barley wine, Christmas cheer in a bottle!


Multi award-winning dark, complex stout. Unusually sweet & sour, depths of chocolate, coffee, treacle, and many others intense flavours with a vinous finish.

Low Alcohol

OLD ALE (275ml | 0.5%) £2.10

The low alcohol version of our winter warmer and fan favourite, Old Ale. Rich and dark, it’s a soft and full bodied, with a touches of toffee, dried fruits and smoke.

SUSSEX BEST BITTER (275ml | 0.5%) £2.10

The low alcohol version of our flagship beer Sussex Best Bitter. A superbly balanced bitter with prominent character from four hop varieties. A light, malt forward and refreshing beer.

HEINEKEN (330ml / 0%) £2.80

Southern German alcohol-free pilsner.

Other Bottled

PERONI (275ml | 5.1%)


SOL (275ml | 4.2%)


OLD MOUT KIWI & LIME (500ml | 4.2%)






THATCHERS HAZE (500ml | 4.5%)


THATCHERS GOLD (500ml | 4.8%)


CRABBIES (500ml | 4%)

Wine List


Merlot, El Picador – Chile 13.5%

Bottle £17.75 | 250ml £6.60 | 175ml £4.80


Carmenere, Santa Alicia – Argentina 13.5%

Bottle £21.50 | 250ml £7.60 | 175ml £5.50


Malbec, Finca La Nina – Argentina 14%

Bottle £23.50 | 250ml £8.00 | 175ml £5.90


Pinot Noir, Les Argelieres – France 13%

Bottle £23.75 | 250ml £8.20 | 175ml £6.00


Gamay, Fleurie, Vignerons bel Air 13%

Bottle £30.00


Chateau Jeanguillon, Bordeaux, France

Bottle £30.00



Pinot Grigio, Il Caggio – Italy 12%

Bottle £17.75 | 250ml £6.60 | 175ml £4.80


Chenin Blanc, William Robertson, S. Africa 13%

Bottle £21.00 | 250ml £7.40 | 175ml £5.30


Picpoul de Pinet, Le Pied Martin, France 12.5%

Bottle £21.00 | 250ml £7.40 | 175ml £5.30


Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough NZ

Bottle £23.50| 250ml £8.00 | 175ml £5.90


Cortese, Antario, Gavi, Italy

Bottle £26.50 | 250ml £8.50 | 175ml £6.50



Domaine Le Grande Destre “mediterranee”, VDP, France

Bottle £21 | 250ml £7.40 | 175ml £5.30



Prosecco, Torre Dei Vescovi, Italy

Bottle £24.00 125ml £4.50


Ridgeview, Bloomsbury NV, England

Bottle £39.50


Louis Roederer Champagne Brut Premier, France

Bottle £55.00

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